About us

SEMENOV started its seed production operations in 1998. Over these years, we have accumulated sound professional experience in growing, harvesting, treatment and storage. For us, it is not just business, it is a FAMILY BUSINESS to which we fondly contribute our knowledge, hard work and love.

SEMENOV can confidently boast all necessary resources you might want. Our state-of-the-art equipment and the company’s facility lab help us achieve high quality standards.

SEMENOV is not just seed production and breeding. We are also happy to offer you services in grain cleaning, transshipment, treatment, storage and packaging. In addition, we lease advanced seeding and harvesting machines.

SEMENOV values our high reputation. We are personally committed to quality and covenant. Combining the traditional farming standards with cutting-edge technologies, the company acts flexibly and responsibly to respond to any task our partners may set to us. We are proud of our professional team and lovingly continue to progress together.


2, Mechanichesky Lane,
v. Ust-Muravlyanka,
Repievka District,
Voronezh Oblast